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MATTAWEAR is a brand that was born from the idea of giving space to young talents, also raising the level of international attention on their own initiatives.

MATTAWEAR is a creative laboratory for young designers, a contemporary fashion brands and a global sales channel. As a kind of box inside which converge, meet, merge and evolve ideas and creative projects from all over the world.

MATTAWEAR consolidates the process of driving to support young talents, now even more complete with the ability to offer them real sales opportunities.

MATTAWEAR goes on the research and promotion of new craft and artistic expression in collaboration with the historical reality of Italian craftsmanship.

Sections Bags and Accessories expand their scope by creating an important point of connection between the emerging talents of couture, fine craftsmanship, haute couture and historic fashion, and promotes the tradition-modernity combination as an important chance for reflection cultural and educational-training tool at a new creative service.

MATTAWEAR offers products made by niche boutique, refined atelier, small research laboratories and craftsmanship offering an idea of elegant style, away from the luxury multinationals industrial logic.

MATTAWEAR materializes its commitment to enhance the excellence of a system, that of fashion, which participates actively in the creative development, production and income of the city and our country. All at prices certainly very interesting and with the guarantee of a fast delivery.